FAQs Bike & Tram


Frequently asked questions! FAQs!

Are there any restrooms? There is a “real” restroom facility at the Eaglecrest Lodge which you are welcome to use. Approximately 7.2 miles into the ride and at the final ride stop where we board the vans for the ride to the Tram there are  port-a-potties. There are also restrooms at the bottom and at the top of the Tram.
It has been a long time since I have ridden a bike! Is that OK? For many of our guests it has been a while since they have ridden a bike; but remember the saying “once you have ridden it does not take long to get the hang of it again.” Our guides are there to help you become familiar again with the equipment and make sure you are ready to enjoy the ride.
What if I get too tired and do not want to ride any longer? No worries, our driver guides would be pleased to have you ride with them in our vans. Along the way they will regale you with stories of what you are seeing and they will try and answer all your questions. At every stop you will be able to get out and enjoy the scenery, and take pictures too.
What should I wear? It is best to wear tennis shoes or running shoes of some kind; and bring several layers of tops. You can always leave an extra layer in the van which will follow you along the way on your tour.
I ride a lot and am a little worried that the ride will be far too slow for me. No worries. We often split our groups into two riding categories: “the fast riders” and “the sensible riders.” Our goal is to make the ride pleasurable for a variety of levels. Our guides split up so that each group has a guide with them to be of assistance and to lead the way on our tour.
What about hills? There is one small hill about 100 yards long, and then 2 miles on the flats roll a little bit– don’t worry the guide will wait for you!
What if it rains? Welcome to the Southeast Alaska Rainforest! Since this is where we live, we are always ready with rain gear bottoms and tops in almost any size for you to wear as well as gloves. This should keep you dry and warm!
I am afraid of heights? The trip up in the tram car is a quick 5 minutes. If you are uncomfortable with heights we suggest that you take a seat in the car and refrain from looking out for the quick trip.
What happens when I get done with the Tram? You are free to walk back to your ship at any time. Remember that your Tram hand stamp is good all day long, so go back and enjoy again before you depart.