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Whether you are visiting our fair city by cruise ship, plane, or ferry (or you are one of us and you live here)…Cycle Alaska provides you with amazing opportunities to get out and experience the beauty and history of Juneau on a bike!

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  • Bike & Brew – the tour that started it all!
  • Bike & Tram (think alpine hiking and views) – an “elevating” adventure!
  • Custom Tours – choose the type of bike you like to ride, then the tour that fits your interests!


Join us and let your Alaskan adventure begin!

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What our guests are saying:



I was so impressed with the bikes! So comfortable! In fact I loved the bike they use so much I am going to buy the same bike when I get home! Oh yes, and I loved the tour too!

Marie, Colorado 2017


This was the best tour! My whole family loved the opportunity to get out and ride bikes and see beautiful scenery! The guides where fantastic! Very knowledgable and they volunteered information from growing up in Juneau which added to the whole experience.

Marcus, Vermont, 2017


What a great way to see the glacier! The equipment was fantastic! The guides entertaining and oh the scenery…amazing! So was the great beer tasting! Worth every penny! Thank you!

June, California 2016


Our entire family went on the Bike & Tram Tour! It was the perfect choice…from the amazing ride to the tram ride up Mt. Robert’s. Everyone enjoyed the tour from our 17 year old to my Dad.

Bill, Colorado 2016


What I liked was that the guides knew so much about what we were seeing when we got to the west side of the Mendenhall Glacier. I had read about the ice fields and the glacier, but to be there in front of it was truly awe-inspiring. Plus getting there on super bikes made it a fun adventure! Loved it!

David, Illinois 2016


My wife convinced me to go on this tour because she knows how much I like beer; and I do. But I had so much fun on the biking portion that I almost, almost, forgot that there was beer tasting at the end. Thanks for the great time!

Randy, Oregon 2016


My partner and I wanted a tour that provided us with something other than the normal bus tour. This one fit the bill. We loved the bikes, we loved the guides, and we loved getting to see the Mendenhall Glacier from several different vantage points. Plus the beer tasting at the end was the perfect cap on a perfect day! Highly recommend this tour!

Dominique, Florida 2016

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