Tour Results


Thanks to Dave Ringle for compiling all the results and helping to run a smooth race series!


Women’s overall
Janice Sheufelt 3:24:03
Jamie Bursell 4:01:03
Treena Irving 4:08:12
Women’s Sport overall
Melanie Tait 2:37:04
Brandee Gerke 2:45:39
Jennifer Watson 2:54:24
Cathy Tide 2:55:21
Melanie White 2:56:08
Sandra Woods 3:10:58
Alysia Jones
Kerri Dunning
Youth Overall
Shea Hoffman 2:36:17
Brace Lemphers 2:51:41
Matthew Knaack 2:58:09
Caleb McPherson
Jacob McPherson
Youth female overall
Tanicka Reeves 3:45:25
Ava Irving-Staley
Men’s Sport Overall
Layrd Oliff 2:36:10
Greg Huebschen
Men’s Overall
Troy Henry 3:16:51
John Bursell 3:16:56
Rob Sowers* 3:17:20
Forest Bowers 3:21:44
Dan Robinson 3:26:38
Brian Smith 3:26:47
Mark Neidhold 3:32:03
Reed Stoops 3:32:16
Jim Ustasiewski 3:39:18
Richard Forst
Maxwell Rule
Noble Anderson
Bill Curtis
Mike McCann
John McConnochie
No time listed indicates the participant did not complete all four events
*includes sprint bonus for winning road race

Link to the specific race results here: