I was so impressed with the bikes! So comfortable! In fact I loved the bike they use so much I am going to buy the same bike when I get home! Oh yes, and I loved the tour too!

Marie, Colorado 2017


This was the best tour! My whole family loved the opportunity to get out and ride bikes and see beautiful scenery! The guides where fantastic! Very knowledgable and they volunteered information from growing up in Juneau which added to the whole experience.

Marcus, Vermont, 2017


What a great way to see the glacier! The equipment was fantastic! The guides entertaining and oh the scenery…amazing! So was the great beer tasting! Worth every penny! Thank you!

June, California 2016


Our entire family went on the Bike & Tram Tour! It was the perfect choice…from the amazing ride to the tram ride up Mt. Robert’s. Everyone enjoyed the tour from our 17 year old to my Dad.

Bill, Colorado 2016


What I liked was that the guides knew so much about what we were seeing when we got to the west side of the Mendenhall Glacier. I had read about the ice fields and the glacier, but to be there in front of it was truly awe-inspiring. Plus getting there on super bikes made it a fun adventure! Loved it!

David, Illinois 2016


My wife convinced me to go on this tour because she knows how much I like beer; and I do. But I had so much fun on the biking portion that I almost, almost, forgot that there was beer tasting at the end. Thanks for the great time!

Randy, Oregon 2016


My partner and I wanted a tour that provided us with something other than the normal bus tour. This one fit the bill. We loved the bikes, we loved the guides, and we loved getting to see the Mendenhall Glacier from several different vantage points. Plus the beer tasting at the end was the perfect cap on a perfect day! Highly recommend this tour!

Dominique, Florida 2016

I was not sure what tour we’d take when we landed in Juneau but I liked your information on the Bike and Brew Tour so our family booked it and I am so glad we did. We saw amazing views of the Mendenhall Glacier, we saw bald eagles, and even a bear! So glad this was the tour we chose — great value and so much fun.

Butch, Minnesota 2015

My husband and I decided to rent bikes and go explore Juneau. Your bikes were in excellent condition (not we have experienced renting bikes in other locations) and your staff at the shop were so helpful giving us excellent information on where to ride. We loved the freedom of exploring your beautiful area on our own. Thank you.

Rhonda and Pete, Colorado 2015

We were looking for a tour that the whole family might enjoy and found your bike tour. Our three generations took the Bike and Brew Tour and had a wonderful time! Your guides were professional and knowledgable, the beauty of the route was stunning. Thank you for making our experience memorable!

Jan and Evan, California 2015

What a wonderful combination! I got to experience the beatuy of Juneau with an amazing ride on Douglas Island from your ski area down the mountain and then we took the tram for more incredible views and hiking! What value and fun!

Steve, Rhode Island, 2015

OK…so I have not ridden a bike in a while. But you helped me figure out the gears so off I went! You have wonderful, kind, and considerate guides. Thank y0u for making this experience so memorable. I forgot how much fun it is to ride a bike!

Jenny,  Texas 2015

Thank you for the amazing tour. We so enjoyed the entire trip — from the pick up at our ship to the delivery to the Tram. The Bike and Tram Tour was a great value and the highlight of our trip to Juneau.


Adrienne, Austria, 2014

I was looking for a tour the whole family would enjoy — not easy when you have a family from 16 to 68. This was a hit with everyone. Friendly and knowledgable guides,  excellent equipment and of course amazing scenery. From glaciers to bears. A memorable day for all of us. Thank you.

Bev, Texas, 2014

The Bike and Brew Tour combined some of my favorite activities — biking and beer tasting! Amazing scenery plus processional guides. A fantastic trip.

Jean, Virginia 2014

What a crazy day it was! Our ship was late,  we were late and yet there guides made us feel relaxed and got us ready for the best bike tour were have ever had! Fun and relaxing day and on GREAT bikes! thank you.

Jim and Jean, California 2014

I wanted to take just a moment and thank you for letting me ride the bike as well as ride in the van towards the end of the Bike & Brew tour. I am a little (a lot) out of practice but I so wanted to go on this tour (and have the beer at the end). The guides were very understanding when I needed to take a break. The driver in particular made me feel as if I was getting a special tour as we rode the last bit of the way to the Glacier. Thank you.

Burt, Michigan 2013

Thank you for providing bike tours with excellent equipment; bikes, helmets etc. This is the first bike tour I have taken where the equipment was in excellent condition.  I appreciated it.

Jim, Australia 2013

You made the trip for me; I had not ridden a bike in more years than I care to admit. Your guides were so helpful and accommodating. Thank you all!

Maggie, Virginia 2013

A great time was had by all — your guides did a wonderful job. Very informative. Views were amazing.

Lettie, California 2013

Thank you for giving our family the time of their life! Coming from a desert climate it was so interesting to see and learn about your world: with glaciers, bears, porcupines and eagles! Rest assured we will be back to spend more time enjoying your beautiful city!

Frank and family, Arizona 2013

You and your guides are great! Our family choose the Bike and Tram Tour hoping it was something our teenages might like — it exceeded expexctations. Your guides took care of us and more importantly saw to it that our kids had an exceptional time as well. Thank you so much – the combination of activities was more than worth the cost.

Aaron and family, Ohio 2013

Today was the first day I have been on a bike in at least 20 years — thank you for makng me feel comfortable and safe…and the beer at the end didn’t hurt!  (We were on the Bike & Brew!)

Amanda, Florida 2012

OK…you really impressed us — the Bike and Brew Tour was even better than we hoped it would be! First the equipment –bikes, helmets etc — were all in excellent condition and the perfect bikes for this ride; the route was spectacular  (and we got 3 different perspectives of the Mendenhall Glacier — my husband has the gorgeous pictures too prove it); and the beer tasting was phenomenal — and that is coming from someone who didn’t know good beer!

After the ride we tasted hand crafted beer (see I know that term now) from all over Alaska,  in a cute place in the historic Merchant’s Wharf in Downtown Juneau just steps from where our ship docked.

This is a tour I would do again and again…and the beer tasting too!

Jen and Cal,  Oregon 2011

We absolutely loved the Bike and Tram Tour! It was a fantastic way to get a bike ride in and then to have time to explore the Tram and Mt. Robert’s too. I was a little apprehensive when I saw that I was going to be riding down the mountain, but the pace and the guides made me feel comfortable! My sister and I had a great time!  We’ll be back! Alaska was amazing!

Sharon and Tammi, Australia 2011

I had to write and tell you how much our family enjoyed the Downtown Juneau Walking Tour. My wife and I had been to Juneau many years ago  and were excited to see a tour that would take us around your beautiful town while giving us plenty of opportunity to take another tour earlier in the day. Your guide was full of great stories of Juneau which fascinated our older children. Thank you for offering a fun and personal way to get to know your town and its history.

Seth and family, Washington DC 2011

I wanted to write a note and tell you how much we enjoyed our Bike and Tram Excursion when we sailed into Juneau.

I chose the ride because it was something I felt my significant other would be able to do. Nick (the follow up van driver) was incredibly nice and helpful.

He knew exactly what was needed in adjusting the bike (even tho I made some good suggestions to him).  Joe, our guide, was a typical, laid-back college student with a good sense of humor. His knowledge of the flora and fauna were well-appreciated. It was also nice that he knew where most of the neighborhood bald eagles hung out.

If we ever “drop in” to Juneau again, we will certainly look into doing another bike trip (the bike and brew trip sounds like fun!) with CycleAK.

Steph and Esther, California, Sept. 2011

My wife had not ridden a bike for years so she was worried about taking the tour, however these great folks spent the time to help her find the right bike and get her “biking legs” back. And they paid special attention to her throughout the tour. We all had a fantastic time thanks to Cycle Alaska.
– Jim and Anne, Florida

Our family had a great  time on the Bike & Tram Tour.  It was so much better than all of us  being stuck in a bus. We got out and enjoyed the scenery, met great locals, and had an amazing time up at the Tram! Thank you!
– Eric, Canada

Probably the best tour I have taken in Alaska! The biking and the beer tasting was a great combination.
– Collin, Australia

The walking tour was a fun way to get introduced to historic Juneau. We loved the stop at Heritage Coffee’s roasting facility and my wife loved (too much) the stop at the Juneau Cultural Center where she purchased some unique jewelry to remind her of our Alaska cruise. Our guide, Lou was a treat!
– Fred and Janet, Louisiana

Our Bike and Brew trip was the perfect tour to take. My husband loves beer and I love biking. We got even more than that; we got to meet wonderful guides who related lots of fun stories about Juneau along with historical tidbits. Thanks guys!
– Paulette, Virginia

I always make sure to take a cycling tour wherever I go. Most of the time the equipment is lousy; not so with Cycle Alaska. These guys have by far the best equipment (bikes, helmets, gloves etc)  and it is all well maintained. It was a pleasure to ride on their bikes. –

Gregg, California