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Here is the best single link I’ve found to get folks started on a Korea bike tour:

My Swiss friends Sibil and Bruno converted the digital guides to the Seoul-Busan route to pdf pages that are easy to use with an iPad. Their page is in German but has auto translate button in top left if this link doesn’t get their English version. They also blogged re their rides in Korea and Taiwan if you want another perspective.

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Cycle Alaska named one of America’s Best Bike Shops for 2015

August 2015 – The National Bicycle Dealers Association has named Cycle Alaska of Juneau, Alaska one of America’s Best Bike Shops for 2015.

There are approximately 4,000 bike shops in the United States, and fewer than 300 were chosen as “America’s Best” and only two bike shops in Alaska received the designation.

The shops were asked to fill out a detailed application describing what sets them apart from the average retailer. Mystery shoppers then evaluated the business in more detail by visiting the store, reviewing their website, and contacting the shop by phone to assess the performance from a consumer’s perspective.

During the application process, heart-warming stories came in from all over the country of shops that donate bicycles to children, work to find safe routes to schools, build bike trails, and organize free bicycling events to get people outside and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The program is designed to help consumers find great stores in their areas that will provide the expertise and professionalism they need to get the most benefit from cycling.

The recipients of the America’s Best Bike Shops title not only offer great shopping experiences, but are also rated on their support for their communities, as well as support for bicycle advocacy both locally and nationally.

2015 is the third year the NBDA has sponsored the program, and response to the format was positive from the start; especially from smaller shops that are not normally recognized. One storeowner wrote: “Exciting stuff! Now maybe smaller shops like ours will have a chance at being recognized.” At the same time, the larger retailers agreed and stated, “we do what we need to do to be at the top. This can only help the entire industry.”

John McConnochie, owner of Cycle Alaska, said that he is extremely proud to receive the award and attributed the success of Cycle Alaska to its amazing Shop Team including Briana Swanson, Collin Wigfield-Gorka, Laura Wanecheck, Mario Villanueva, Gage Acha, JP Zamarron, Bethany Cummins, Mike Spehlmann, and Alice Tiernan.

For more information, contact: Karen Townsend, National Bicycle Dealers Association, or the NBDA office,